Space Yacht: Big Bass Ting 360 ft Shiverz

Thursday, April 13
$20 to $300

Space Yacht:
Big Bass Ting 360 ft Shiverz

**Text SHIVERZ to 323-364-6336 to stay in touch about the event**

Space Yacht 360 Live, a raw warehouse-centic experience where the entire party is all in one place. No secret dressing rooms, no exclusive sections where no one can get to. The DJ is on the floor just like everyone else, and everything is up close and intimate.

On this event, the Monsterz boss SHIVERZ is taking over the decks.

This event will be filmed for a later broadcast on Youtube, so by entering this event, you agree to being potentially on camera, but most importantly, bringing your best self.




*Includes All General Admission Benefits
*6 Tickets – entire party must be present for entry 
*1x Bottle of Premium Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, or Champagne.
*Cocktail service at your table and mixers will be provided
*VIP Priority Admission on a separate VIP line
*Must be 21+
*A major credit card and valid photo ID must be presented prior to being seated the night of the event.
*Sales Tax on liquor & 20% Gratuity included in the package price.

No refunds

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