Yoi Toki: A Future Funk/Vaperwave Party [L.A. Debut]

Saturday, July 02
$0 to $300

Orlove by Night Presents

YOI TOKI is coming to Los Angeles

Future Funk is a Vaporwave subgenre that emerged around 2010 (championed by artists such as Yung Bae, Night Tempo and Macross 82-99) it uses elements of Funk and Disco combined with Japanese City Pop influences, resulting in a sound that is upbeat, insanely danceable and very funky. Future Funk’s aesthetic is a mix of nostalgic influences such as 90s anime and ’80s consumer culture. The fact that it is derived from Vaporwave goes some way in explaining the familiar and yet strangely unique sound and visuals

With DJs Faith in the Glitch, Valentine, & Jak Syn

For More Information email [email protected]


Free w/ RSVP (First 50 Guests) 

*Access to Yoi Toki
*Must be 18+
* Free admission is for first 50 people only
* Come early and help reduce wait time. Entry is not guaranteed

Guaranteed Entry – $10 

*Access to Yoi Toki
*Must be 18+
*Guaranteed Entrance
*Come early and help reduce wait time

*Includes All General Admission Benefits
*6 Tickets
*1x Bottle of Premium Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, or Champagne.
*Cocktail service at your table and mixers will be provided
*VIP Priority Admission on a separate VIP line
*Must be 21+
*A major credit card and valid photo ID must be presented prior to being seated the night of the event.
*Sales Tax on liquor & 20% Gratuity included in the package price.

No refunds

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