1720 & Orlove By Night Present

San Junipero: A Retrowave Party ft. COM TRUISE

Ages 18 and up
Thursday, May 30
$20 to $300 / Day Of : $30
1720 & Orlove By Night Present

San Junipero:

A Retrowave Party


Com Truise [DJ Set]

“Com Truise is the nom de guerre of producer and designer Seth Haley. His synth- and sci-fi-obsessed records are as infectious as they are expansive. From 2011’s Galactic Melt LP to its long-awaited follow-up, Iteration, Com Truise has refined his singular style of melodic beat music. Each piece ties together his ideas of “synth-wave” and “slow-motion funk” amidst a glowing backdrop of rich, nostalgic pathos.” – Ghostly


About San Junipero

Retrowave (aka Synthwave, Outrun, futuresynth) is italo disco-edged synth music influenced by 1980s film soundtracks in both it’s sound and visual aesthetic. It expresses a nostalgia for 1980s pop culture by capturing the era’s atmosphere and celebrating it.

Check out a Retrowave mix by Valentine here

This party is for fans of Phil Collins drum-fills, Hotline Miami, movies such as Drive, Blade Runner, Tron, almost any movies by John Hughes, and musical artists such as Kavinsky, Miami Nights 1984, Lifelike, Mitch Murder, Robert Parker, The Midnight, Timecop 1983, Garth Knight, 80s synth, italo disco and all things retro.


*Includes All General Admission Benefits
*6 Tickets – entire party must be present for entry  (no more than 6 people to a table)
*1x Bottle of Premium Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, or Champagne.
*Cocktail service at your table and mixers will be provided
*VIP Priority Admission on a separate VIP line
*Must be 21+
*A major credit card and valid photo ID must be presented prior to being seated the night of the event.
*Sales Tax on liquor & 20% Gratuity included in the package price.


No refunds

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